Hemi Facial Spasms

A condition that affects half of your face is called hemifacial spasm. Usually, it starts with a twitching around one eye. Gradually, it may involve your mouth also. A sudden involuntary contraction of a muscle or a group of muscles is called a spasm. The facial nerve controls all the muscles of the face. This system helps to carry out the signals from the brain to the face. Anything that causes any negative effect on these will affect the signals. It may result in muscle twitching or contraction or spasm.


Hemifacial spasm is not a common condition. Even though it affects both men and women, women are more likely to get affected. Symptoms will start mainly in middle age. The experts do not have any exact knowledge about the cause for hemifacial spasms. The symptoms of the hemifacial spasm usually begin with twitching around the eye. During the first stages, the twitching will come and go and as it progress, they may become worse and permanent. The left side of the face may get affected more than the right side. The jaw and mouth are often involved. The permanent spasm makes the corner of the mouth pulled up. Some may even hear a clicking sound on the affected side when the spasm comes.

You should consult a doctor if you are worried about the twitching. They will examine you and diagnose the issue. If you are having hemifacial spasm, the doctor will refer you to a neurologist who can handle neurological system disorders.

Medicines, injections and surgeries are available for treating henifacial spasms. Several surgical procedures are there for treating hemifacial spasms. Usually, it is a long term condition but, not an incurable one. It may affect the quality if your life. There are certain rare conditions which do not require treatments.