Back Pain Treatment in India

Back Pain felt in the back of the body. the most common aria of the pain is lower back, or lumbar area. The pain is came from the muscles or nerves associated with the spine chords or other constructed in the spine.

Lumbar spinal Stenosis Symptoms :

A typical symptoms is pain in the legs. Patients with this problems they can’t walk far because of leg pain. The symptoms related with this disease develop gradually when the patient became aged. Symptoms may include : Leg pain , Tingling in a leg, foot, arm or hand. So Many people suffer from this problem.

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis Causes :

Lumbar Spinal Stenosis commonly caused with ageing the small joints located in the spine tends to larger as they degenerate and compress this spine it make pain in the nerve.

Effective Back Pain Treatment are given Below :

Endoscopy Assisted Discectomy : It s a Effective Treatment for Back pain. In this Surgical Procedure remove Herniated discs from the Spinal Cord. It takes shorter recovery period.

Ozone Arthroplasty : Herniated disc is the condition of compression between the nerve root and spinal cords. IT causes lower back pain or leg pain.Surgical & Non -Surgical treatment are available for this. Ozone arthroplasty is very effective type of treatment for back pain ( Herniated disc )

Non- Surgical Back Pain Treatment : Surgical Treatment includes Medications, Hot & Cold Treatment ,

Cortisone Injection : This is a kind of Medication for inflammations caused by different diseases.It will relef the pain in a specilific location of the body.

Therapies : Therapies are very common and effective for daily working peoples

Some of the other latest back pain treatments are :


  • Exercise Daily Prevent Back Pain
  • Yoga
  • Keep Healthy Body Weight
  • Sleep Position
  • Carefully lift Weight
  • Seat Properly
  • Avoid Continuous Sitting

Know Our Back Pain Specialist :

Dr.Sai Sudersan ,

One of the Best Specialist for Back Pain Treatment, His Expertization is available for different Back pain treatment Mentioned in Above.

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