Don't Ignore A Head Injury, It Could be Dangerous!

Head Injury is a common term used to refer to injuries to the brain, the skull, the scalp, the blood vessels that run through the head and the underlying tissues in the head. Mostly, these injuries are considered to be neurotrauma.

The types of head injuries are different for different types of fractures of the skull, intracranial hematoma, and concussions. The different types of skull fractures include a depressed skull fracture, diastatic skull fracture, basilar skull fracture and linear skull fractures.

When a person has suffered a head injury, he may show a few symptoms. The symptoms that he shows would be any of the common symptoms or sometimes even a combination of some of the common ones. Headaches, nausea, tired eyes, blurred vision, balance problem, change in sleep pattern, light headedness, etc. are some of those common symptoms.

Diagnosis of head injuries

The diagnosis is usually done with scanning methods like a CT scan, an MRI scan or sometimes X-rays as well. Blood tests are often conducted to reach conclusions. EEG might also be suggested, depending on the condition of the patient.

What are the treatment methods used in the cases of head injuries?

The treatment is decided by the doctor after he reaches a conclusion about the intensity and depth of the injury. The age and the severity are taken into account. Sometimes surgeries may be required like to avoid clotting of blood.

Dr. Sai Sudarsan is a well trained and an experienced micro and an Endo-vascular neurosurgeon. Provides the best treatment for all types of head injuries with the help of a dedicated team.

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