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A head injury occurs as a result of trauma to the scalp, skull or brain, and can be classified as closed (no break in the skin) or penetrating (the skin or skull bone is broken ). The symptoms of head injury may occur immediately after a trauma or may develop slowly over time.

A head injury with brain damage , with damage to brain tissue or duties, is called cranio-cerebral trauma . This type of injury is again divided in traumatic brain injury closed (meninges intact) and open (damaged meninges).

Brain lesions themselves are divided, by definition, as follows:

  1. Contusion : unchanged or only very small brain tissue
  2. Concussion : Alterations in brain tissue are highly localized (lesion in the cerebral cortex by a contusion)
  3. Brain compression : with parts of the brain tissue altered significantly

The cause of head injuries are often external shocks caused by accidents such as collisions, hits or impacts on the head , which can occur in many situations: in sports , at home, work accidents, traffic and many other.

In head injury that affects the brain, the treatment depends on the type of brain injury the concussion requires bed rest for several days. It is important that people with concussion are protected from light and noise and are all day in a hospital under supervision.

The treatment of head injuries depends on the type of injury and the patient’s condition. To assess the severity of a head injury, a doctor may perform a physical and neurological examination, and imaging tests.

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