Say bye to back pain with PELD procedure

Back pain is a silent and violent killer. Unbearable back pain makes one feel depressed. Though there are so many ways to treat the lumbar pain, few only get better results. Is there any possibility to override the pain without any massive surgery? Yes,

Percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy (PELD) is an advanced technique from lumbar microdiscectomy used to treat lumbar disc problems.

The procedure of PELD:

Under local anesthesia using a stylet, a cannula is inserted through the back into the vertebral disc centre portion for performing a discectomy. Once the position of the stylet is confirmed using AP and lateral X-ray views, it is removed by leaving the cannula in the place. The damaged disc material can be removed using surgical tools. Camera attached endoscope is used to visualize the herniated disc to be removed. This is a safe method to decompress the nerve root. This surgery suits all kinds of patients.

Advantages of PELD

  1. Most of the cases experienced immediate pain relief
  2. Direct access to the herniated disc thru the cannula
  3. The ligament and disc annulus remain in contact
  4. No heavy general anesthesia is administered
  5. It is performed as an outpatient treatment
  6. Blood loss is limited/only minimal blood loss
  7. After the surgery, shorter rehabilitation is obtained
  8. Small incision is made that is closed with one stitch, no hard scars

Risks associated with PELD

  1. Continuous bruising or bleeding
  2. Infection in the operated site
  3. Leakage of spinal fluid
  4. Injury to nerves, blood vessels surrounding the spine

Dr. Sai Sudarsan, the senior Neurosurgery consultant in Hyderabad who has vast experience in doing percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy (PELD).

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