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A medical emergency, considered deadly for its consequences, brain stroke is becoming an increasingly common condition today. Occurring due to a hindrance in the blood flow to the brain, stroke is one of those conditions where

prompt and efficient treatment is very crucial. However, with the correct intervention at the right time, brain stroke can be overcome with limited or no damage.

Dr. Sai Sudarsan, a pioneer in minimally invasive neurosurgery is well acclaimed for the best brain stroke treatment in Hyderabad. The reduced blood flow results in a deficiency in the oxygen and nutrient supply to brain cells. The brain cells die when exposed to oxygen deficiency for some time causing complication and even death.

Symptoms of Stroke

  • Given the importance of early treatment for stroke, it is important to identify the symptoms of the condition. Some of these are as follows: -
  • Confusion, trouble in comprehending or understanding things
  • Speech difficulties such as slurring
  • Trouble with vision in one or both eyes
  • Numbness or paralysis of legs arms or face
  • Loss of coordination or balance
  • A headache or dizziness accompanied with vomiting, altered consciousness and so on

Prevention is better than cure

It is possible to prevent stroke to a great extent if it is possible to keep an eye on the following.

  • Stay in bounds with blood pressure
  • Below in saturated fats and cholesterol
  • Control diabetes
  • A diet rich in fiber, vegetables, and fruits along with regular exercise
  • Maintain a healthy weight

Treatment for stroke

The treatment for stroke is mainly dependent on the type of stroke encountered. Ischemic stroke caused due to the blocking of the artery is treated with the help of medications, such as aspirin and TPAs. Emergency procedures including mechanical clot removal are performed depending upon the extent of stroke.
The treatment of hemorrhagic stroke involves reducing the pressure in the brain and controlling the bleeding with the help of medications and surgical procedures.

Dr. Sai Sudarshan is widely trusted for his experience in treating different neurosurgical conditions.

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