Defeat The Neck Pain In You

Neck pain can be caused by sudden trauma such as muscle sprain or strains. Neck pain treatment normally needs conservative treatment option such as heat/ice therapy, medication, muscle conditioning, and physical therapy.

These treatment options can relieve many patients and reduce the need for surgery. Dr. Saisudarsan is one of the renowned neurosurgeons in Hyderabad.

What are the non-surgical treatment options for neck pain?

In most of the cases, the neck pain initiates from strain and can be cure non-surgically. Mostly, it involves releasing of neck pressure and muscle spasm. There are several non-surgical treatment options are available to treat neck pain, such as

· Cervical collars- cervical collars permit movement of the head and support neck to treat non-surgically. This process gives muscles desired rest and healing from the strain.

· Cervical traction- it is used for home use. In this kind of treatment, pull the head to stretch neck muscles by increasing the area of the neural passageways.

· Medications- medications can also provide to cure neck pain. Depending on the severity of the pain, some medicines are prescribed, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), muscle relaxants, trigger point injections and short-term use of opioids

· Physiotherapy- passive forms of physiotherapy such as cold/heat therapy, massage, and ultrasound can help to alleviate stiffness and pain. Therapeutic exercises can help to build strength and increase motion range. Physiotherapy also helps to understand the correct form of posture and relaxation techniques.

· Yoga

· Acupuncture

· Massage and herbal medicines

When is surgery needed for Neck Pain?


It is rare to prescribe surgery for neck pain as neck pain mostly not requires that. But, in certain cases it is required, when there is

· Any spinal cord dysfunction such as spinal stenosis

· A narrowing of the neural passageways

· Entrapping of nerve root

· Excruciating pain that is not treated well by using non-surgical measures

· Any Persist pain or weakness

What are the surgical options for neck pain?

The surgical option for neck pain include

· Corpectomy

· Discectomy

· Trans corporeal microdecompression (TCMD )

· Stabilization

Dr. Saisudarsan is highly qualified and experienced neurosurgeon in Hyderabad. He has many years of experience in treating neck pain.

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