Save your spinal disk with Spinal Treatments

All who have a damaged spinal disk knows how painful it is. This pain is the most important warning signal that you should take into account. If you take proper action, the problem can be corrected.

The spinal disc is seen between all the bones in your spine. They act like shock absorbers in your spine and helps in bending and twisting your body.

Different spinal disc problems

The common spinal disk conditions are:

  • Ruptured disc problem: It is a common spinal condition which is also known as prolapsed, slipped or herniated disc. Mainly the flexibility of the spine is affected in this condition
  • Degenerative disc disease: It is the natural variations that happen to the discs over the years and is not actually a disease
  • Spinal disc injuries from accidents or falls
  • spinal infections
  • spinal cancer

Symptoms and Spinal treatments

Back Pain- Back pain is the most common and important warning sign of any spinal condition. Usually, Upper, Middle, and Low back are felt with pain if there is any deformities or other spinal problems.

Different spinal treatment:

What treatment you have will depend on the cause and severity of your symptoms. In severe cases, surgical treatments are opted otherwise nonsurgical treatments preferred.

Common surgical treatments:

  • Spinal surgery for back pain: Minimally Invasive Lumbar Discectomy (MILD) is the surgery done for curing Back Pain. Usually, it is for treating Lumbar Spinal Stenosis ( a spinal narrowing condition). When other medications and therapies fail to cure the disease only then the MILD procedure will be opted. This will help to restore the space in the spinal canal and decreases the nerve compression. So that, the patient will get relief from pain and can restore mobility.
  • Disc replacement surgery: It is also called cervical disc replacement. It is the process of removing the damaged cervical disc and replacing it with an artificial one.The main goals of this surgery are to reduce pain and preserve motion.

Dr. Sai Sudarsan is a leading and well-experienced spine doctor. He is one of the best spine surgeons for conducting disc replacement surgery in the country.

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