How has surgery improved brain tumor treatment ?

Recent advances is surgical techniques have improved brain tumor treatment.

MICROSURGERY Magnification and illumination have made brain surgery safer. With magnification surgical results started becoming better ever since microscope was introduced into the surgical armamentarium. Now the latest microscopes have many features to improve the safety of surgery.

AWAKE CRANIOTOMY Surgery is done in an awake patient using this technology. Surgeons communicate with patients during surgery and it helps them to keep away from important areas in the brain. Patients are asked to move their hands and feet during surgery to delineate vital areas of the brain, thereby avoiding injury to them.

BRAIN MAPPING Here important areas of the brain are mapped by stimulating them. It helps the neurosurgeon to be safer. It needs sophisticated equipment and is called intra operative neuro monitoring.

INTRA OPERATIVE IMAGING we can do a MRI scan during a surgical procedure and can define the area of resection. One can also find whether the tumor removal is comp0leteoe whether there is any residual tumor. This avoids a possible risky second surgery. Intra operative ultra sound scans also help in the same way.

NEURO NAVIGATION with the help of sophisticated soft ware one can utilize the CT and MRI scans in marking the tumor on the skull. Bone removal can be minimized and tumor can be better localized. It reduces unnecessary damage to the brain. 

NEUROANESTHESIA This specialty has improved leaps and bounds making neurosurgery very safe.

NEUROSURGICAL GADGETS like bipolar and CUSA have reduced collateral damage to surrounding brain, aiding in safer and better outcome.

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