Disc Replacement Surgery

Disc Replacement Surgery

Disc arthroplasty is a newer surgical treatment option to cure degenerative disc diseases. It is also called cervical disc replacement. It is the process of removing damaged cervical disc and replacing it with an artificial one.

The main goals of this surgery are to reduce pain and preserve motion.

The deformed disc causes vertebrae and discs to put pressure on to spinal cord and nerves and cause pain especially on your low back. The pressure on the nerves and this chronic pain can be relieved by re-establishing the actual shape of spine. Normal disc functions can be re-established.

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Disc-ArthroplastyDisc arthroplasty may be total disc replacement Surgery or disc nucleus replacement.

In total disc replacement artificial disc is implanted by removing all or most of the disc tissues.

In another method called disc nucleus replacement, only the center or nucleus of the disc is removed. The annulus, the outer part of the disc will not be removed.


  • Damage to nearby discs and joints can be reduced
  • Motion restoration is possible
  • Bone grafting is not needed
  • Reduced cervical collar immobilization
  • Accelerated degeneration of disc can be prevented
  • Reduced swallowing difficulty and irritation of esophagus


This surgery should not be performed on you if you have or are,

  • Abnormal motion in the affected area
  • Children
  • Spinal tumor or infection
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pregnancy


An artificial disc is designed in a manner in order to preserve mobility and flexibility of spine. It consists of two metallic surfaces in which one is to be attached to upper and other is to be attached to lower vertebra at the damaged area.

Disc arthroplasty is usually conducted under a general anesthesia. Your surgeon will put a horizontal incision on one side of neck. Then he will expose the spine and remove the deformed discs. Decompression of nerves would also be performed. After these, artificial disc will be implanted into the intervertebral disc space. Fluoroscopy is sometime helpful for your doctor to track proper position of damaged disc. This is comparatively less painful procedure than spinal fusion surgery and the pain may be relieved within shorter hours or days.

The complications like Infection, nerve injury, breakage of device or wear of its parts, continued pain and injury to blood vessels may arise from this surgery. But complications may be limited. Bleeding is usually very limited with cervical disc replacement and the risk of infection is also low.

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