Endo Vascular Route Coiling

Endo Vascular Route – Coiling

Endo vascular route-coiling is becoming a standard treatment option for patients with brain aneurysms. It may be helpful for the patients who are at greater risk for complications from the surgery they had undergone before.

The goal of this treatment is to prevent blood flow to the wall of arteries that get weakened or aneurysm. Rupturing of aneurysms can also be avoided. It may limit further haemorrhage.

Cerebral aneurysm may persist even after the treatment using surgical clipping. Re-growth or rupture of aneurysm in case of unruptured cases may also occur. Treatment of aneurysms by surgical clipping may not be successful always. It can grow over a time and may affect its neighbouring structures. In case of failures of the surgery for treating aneurysms, doctors may not perform an operation for the second time at that patient as it is having a lot of complications and risks. There is significant chance of progressive enlargement aneurysm after surgery. Existence of aneurysm remnants is dangerous and life-threatening. So surgeons recommend this as an excellent alternative for re-operation.

Endovascular coiling is usually performed under general anaesthesia. A catheter is inserted into the artery. Then surgeon will locate the bulged aneurysm with the help of fluoroscopy imaging technology. A micro catheter having detachable platinum coil will be guided to that.

This coil is very tiny and looks like a spring.

That coil will be released or placed there on the neck of aneurysm until it fills the bulged area fully. This will seal off the aneurysm and prevent it from bleeding or rupturing.

The noted complications with this technique are bleeding from the aneurysm after treatment and the chance of movement of the coils in the blood carrying vessels.

Anyway this procedure is safer and less invasive than surgical clipping.

The success of this medical treatment depends on various factors like size and shape of aneurysm, where it is located, your age and your overall physical health. Studies reveal that it can give better outcomes than surgical clipping. Results of recent studies by experts also show that it produce comparatively less harms than surgery.

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