This is a story of a 33year old gentleman, working as a driver in Gulf, who had come to Kerala to get married. 16th Sunday was his marriage. Three days after marriage, while having bath, he had sudden severe occipital headache, fell down and became unconscious.

Head injury is recognized as a major public health problem and those due to road traffic accidents account for the great majority world wide. According to a WHO research published in 1996, road accidents which were the 9th leading cause of years lost to death and disability would become the 3rd most major cause by 2020.

The total number of vehicles registered in India increased from 37 million in 1997 to 73 million in 2004 representing an annual growth rate of about 14%. But only about 70% of the registered vehicles are on the road. The vehicular sales jumped from 3.6 million in 1997 to 9.5 million in 2007 registering an average annual increase of 10-12% per year.

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