Is A Surgery Beneficial In Spinal Trauma?

The spinal cord is a collection of sensitive nerves that travel from the bottom of your brain towards the back. The spinal cord is very sensitive to injury.

Other body parts in the body have an ability to repair themselves, but the spinal cord doesn't. Spinal cord injury can occur from trauma, or loss of blood supply.

Speaking about spinal trauma, it can be defined as damage to the spinal cord caused by a direct injury to the cord. Spinal trauma can even occur from a minor injury. As a spinal injury cannot get repaired by itself, proper treatment is required to repair the tissues and fragments in the spinal cord. Most of the cases, spinal surgery is considered as the best option to repair the tissues.

What is the need for spinal surgery?

For most individuals after a spinal trauma, spinal cord surgery is required immediately. However, in some patients, the doctor might wait for weeks or months before undergoing surgery because of other related health issues.

Now let’s find why spinal surgery is beneficial to deal with spinal trauma. Here what a surgery aims at:

  • Relives and decompress pressure from the spinal cord that is caused by a trauma, bone fragments or any foreign object.
  • Stops further damage of the spinal nerves and the whole spine in general.
  • The vertebral spine protects the spinal cord. Surgery helps to stabilize the vertebral spine.
  • A surgery repairs fractured vertebrae.

Hence, spinal cord surgery is a necessity in most cases as it helps to improve the overall condition of the patient.

What are the first steps taken by the doctor post a spinal trauma?

Spinal trauma requires immediate assistance. Before planning the surgery, the doctor might conduct physical tests like CT Scan or MRI, Spinal X-Rays, Myelogram and SSEP (also known as magnetic stimulation).

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