Who requires an endoscopic discectomy procedure?

Often people go through unexplained pain and numbness especially in the side parts of the body.

The pain gets worse at night and starts spreading towards the arms, thighs and legs. Sometimes people don't even have the energy or capability to walk a short distance. If you are going through any of the above symptoms, you probably have herniated disks and you need immediate medical assistance!

What are herniated disks and how are they treated?

The spinal column is made up of a series of vertebrae stacked one upon the other. These little bone structures are cushioned with discs that protect the bone from any kind of shock caused while doing and heavy or stressful activity. Now, these discs have two parts-one the outer shell and the other a gelatinous material inside the discs. Any sort of sudden injury or weakness can affect these discs and the inner gelatinous portion may protrude out. This condition is known as herniated or prolapsed discs.

Herniated disks are treated through a surgical process named discectomy. The process involves removing the herniated discs from the spinal cord. The modern endoscopic version is one of the most effective and less complex procedures conducted by surgeons these days. It involves inserting an endoscope in the middle of your back neck and then locating the affected disk with the help of the camera. Once the disk is identified, special instruments are used to remove those affected fragments.

What benefits one can get from this surgery?

When an individual is going through intense pain, the doctor prescribes medications to relieve muscle pains. If it doesn't work, this surgery is conducted to remove those affected tissues. One of the major benefits of the endoscope-assisted surgery is minimum incisions are made. It means less blood loss and faster recovery. Most patients are allowed to do normal activities within a month of the surgery.

Dr. Sai Sudarsan- One of the most trusted Neurosurgeons in India

Dr. Sai Sudarsan is one of the few doctors in India who conducts microendoscopic discectomy in India at a very affordable rate! There are more than 500 patients who are leading a happy and healthy life just because of his effective back pain treatment in Hyderabad.

So if you are going through any sort of unexplained muscle pain in your body, stop wasting time, consult him immediately!

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