Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Peripheral nerves are the link between the brain and spinal cord, and the rest of the body. If these nerves are injured the communication between the brain and muscles get snapped. The nerve can be injured in many ways. They can also be affected by diabetes. Any damage to the peripheral nerve is called peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral nerve injuries may be mild or severe.

The peripheral nerve is made of axons and is covered by an insulation called myelin. In mild injuries only the insulation is injured and these are more likely to heal. The axons are also injured in severe injuries and healing is unlikely.


  • Electrophysiology like ENMG and NCV to see for the nerve function
  • MRI and Ultrasound for detailed imaging of the inured nerve


  • Mild injuries need observation
  • Physical therapy to avoid stiffness and wasting
  • Pain medication
  • Treatment of underlying conditions like diabetes
  • Surgery in case of severe injuries
  • Bracing and splints, electrical stimulation and occupational therapy

It is important to get treatment for a peripheral nerve injury at the earliest. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent permanent injury.

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