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We met Dr.Saisudarsan in July 2009, when my daughter had a brain tumor. My daughter, Unnimaya was suffering from Blood Cancer and was under treatment in the Oncology department of Lakeshore Hospital. During her treatment she had a seizure and CT scan was done. It showed a tumor deep inside her brain. Our daughter's case was referred to Dr.Sai Sudarsan by the Oncology department. Me and my wife met Dr.Sai in his Office for the first time. I was very much tensed, when I met him. He asked me about the history in a detailed manner, saw the scans and told me that my daughter needs a brain operation. We were very much confused but in the next 30 minutes Dr.Sai put us in ease and explained all the risks and complications involved in the procedure. He answered all our questions and his confident way of answering our questions dispelled all our doubts. Dr.Sai is very courteous and humble. On the surgery day he explained to us once again the plan and then only went to the operating room. After the surgery he called us and explained once again about the conduct of surgery. Prior to surgery he told us that our daughter may have some deficit after surgery. But after surgery our child was fully conscious and there was no deficit. Dr.Sai left the hospital only after he made sure that everything was ok. For the next 10 days our daughter was under his care and he was like one of the family for us. We cherish the time we spent with Dr.Sai during our daughter's hospitalization. Our daughter is no more but Dr.Sai will always remain our friend. He is a gentleman first and neurosurgeon next. I wish him all success.



I met Dr.Sai Sudarsan in February 2010 when my wife's case was referred to him. We initially consulted a General Physician in Lakeshore Hospital and after extensive investigations my wife (Indira Devi) was found to have a problem inside her brain (left P.com artery aneurysm). Aneurysms are small enlargements in the vessels of the brain and need to be excluded from the circulation. Dr.Sai Sudarsan welcomed us to his office and made us comfortable. He explained to us in detail about my wife's problem and the need for surgical correction of the same. The fact that a brain aneurysm is a time bomb ticking in one's brain was aptly put across to us. Dr. Sai is a very dedicated surgeon and takes utmost care in all details pertaining to surgery. He explained to us all the types of surgical treatment for aneurysms and discussed in detail about the positives and negatives of all forms of treatment. He took an unbiased view and made us choose the treatment modality suitable to us. My wife was operated and everything went on well. We could get her discharged at the appropriate time. Dr. Sai explained to us all the possible complications of surgery prior to operation and fortunately for us my wife came out of surgery without any hitch. It is one year now and my wife is hale and hearty. We meet Dr.Sai regularly in the follow up clinic and he is always courteous. His friendly attitude and pleasant nature gives a patient good confidence and allays many a fear. He has all the qualities of a very good neurosurgeon and has very good communication skills. I cannot forget the detailed way in which he took my consent for my wife's surgery. We wish him all success in his future endeavors.



My wife, Mrs.Leela had a seizure and I took her to a neurologist at Kozhikode. She was investigated and was found to have a brain tumor. I was shattered on hearing the news and thought that my wife was not going to live for long. I was under the impression that she had brain cancer. One of my relatives suggested to meet Dr. Sai Sudarsan at Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi. Me and my wife travelled to Kochi and sought an appointment with Dr. Sai. He was operating that day and we had to wait for 3 hours. He came out and apologized for the delay in meeting us. I was very much impressed with his attitude and his concern for others. He examined my wife and told us that she needs a brain surgery. He allayed all our fears and assured us that my wife's tumor could be removed completely and that she did not have any cancer. He explained to us in detail that there will be no problem. His confident manner gave me a lot of courage and I accepted for surgery. Accordingly my wife was operated and the entire tumor was removed. During her post op stay in the hospital he used to see us 3 times a day. His sincerity and attention to even the minutest detail impressed me. It is almost 3 years since my wife underwent surgery .We have done post op CT scan twice and there has been no recurrence. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Dr.Sai and have learnt a lot from him. He is a very good communicator and a confident surgeon. He is unbiased and explains all the possible side effects of a surgical procedure. I am sure I would not have got such treatment from any other surgeon. I wish him all the very best.



I am from Baharain and I consulted Dr.Sai Sudarsan for my daughter. My daughter was diagnosed to have a brain tumor and we were told that operation was extremely complicated and chances of survival were very poor. We decided to go to India and it was by chance that I decided to go to Lakeshore Hospital, Kochi. I was directed to Dr. Sai by the front office personnel when I told them that I need to meet the neurosurgeon. I do not know English and seeing my difficulty Dr. Sai got some staff nurse who had worked earlier at Baharain. Using her as an interpreter Dr. Sai explained to us about our daughter's problem and suggested that we get admitted for surgery. We had no option but to get admitted for surgery. We had no option but to get admitted. Looking back I have no regrets regarding my decision. Dr. Sai is very friendly and compassionate. He understands the patient's problem and has a practical solution for almost all the problems. We never felt that we were outsiders and Dr. Sai made it a point that we were not discriminated. Surgery was done at the prescribed time and Dr. Sai explained to us all the details once the surgery was over. My child had severe headache in the post op period and we were very much concerned. Dr. Sai and his team looked after my daughter very well and under their expert care my daughter improved well. She needed post op chemotherapy and since we could not stay for long in India, Dr. Sai talked with doctors in Baharain and suggested to them the required medication. He also discussed with Pathologist at Lakeshore Hospital and arranged for the Histopathology slides of my daughter. We came to India with lot of apprehension and after meeting Dr. Sai we realized how advanced medicare has become in India. After my interaction with Dr. Sai Sudarsan I have no hesitation in recommending his name for anyone who has to undergo neurosurgery



My name is Tenson and I would not have been alive today but for Dr. Sai Sudarsan. I do not know whether God is there but as far as I am concerned Dr. Sai is my God. I am writing this testimonial after learning what happened from my mother. I was an auto rickshaw driver and I was involved in a road traffic accident. I was shifted to Lakeshore Hospital in an unconscious state by the Highway Patrol and had to be intubated and ventilated. I was initially admitted as an unknown person since I could not be identified at the time of admission. A CT scan of my head was done and it showed a large blood clot inside my head (extra dural hematoma). I had to be operated immediately but the hospital authorities were not willing for it, since some advance money had to be paid and some relative had to consent for surgery. Dr. Sai was informed about my condition. He immediately contacted the hospital authorities and requested them to allow him to operate on me. In spite of all the reservations from the hospital authorities, Dr. Sai prevailed on them and operated on me and saved my life. There was no relative of mine to give consent and In spite of that Dr. Sai went ahead and operated on me. My relatives could be traced only after about 3 days. And it was possible only because of single minded persuasion of Dr. Sai, Police were made to enquire and relatives were traced. By that time I was out of ventilator and had regained my consciousness. I could understand the gravity of the situation only after talking with my relatives. If not for Dr. Sai taking that responsibility and operating on me I would have been dead and I am writing this testimonial only because I am alive. Dr. Sai is a God like figure for me and my family. Seeing Dr. Sai as a doctor I have also joined a hospital and am working as a ward boy. I wish Dr. Sai all success in his life.



I am a soft ware engineer and I have a business based in Gulf. About 2 years ago I had some pain in the neck and I could not move my neck. After about 3 days the pain started radiating along my right shoulder and to my right hand. I also had numbness in my right thumb and index finger. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon and MRI of my neck was done. It showed a cervical disc prolapse and I was advised to undergo surgery for the same. Me and my husband consulted many doctors and all of them suggested surgery for me. We also consulted Dr. Sai and he also pitched for surgery. But what differentiated him from others was he examined me thoroughly and then only saw the scan. The other doctors simply saw the scan and advised surgery. I was very much impressed by Dr. Sai's approach to my problem. He put me at ease and completed his examination in a gentle way. He listed all the possible complications involved and assured me that I will be relieved off my pain immediately after surgery. Surgery went on as planned and Dr. Sai was there as soon do as I woke up from anesthesia. He asked me about my pain and I was really surprised to note that my pain was completely relieved. He made me walk around the same day and I could take food after about 6 hours after surgery the same day. That gave me a lot of confidence and I was discharged on the second post op day and Dr. Sai suggested that I can start my regular work as soon as I can. I did the same and I had no problems. It is 2 years since I got operated and I have not had any problems. I have a very busy schedule and I travel a lot. In spite of all these I do not have any nagging pain. Neurosurgeons and Orthopedic surgeons operate on spine, but I can say only one thing. Neurosurgeons have a better understanding of the problems pertaining to nerves and after my experience I feel neurosurgeons are better spine surgeons when compared to orthopedic surgeons.



I am a software engineer based in Hyderabad. I hail from Kerala. I had a cervical disc prolapsed and was advised to undergo surgery at Hyderabad. We consulted many doctors at Hyderabad and came to the conclusion that surgery was the only option. Since I hail from Kerala I decided to go to my home state for surgery. We opted to go to Lakeshore Hospital Kochi. I browsed in the net and came across this website and contacted Dr. Sai Sudarsan through e mail. Dr. Sai was very prompt in responding to my mail and he advised me to go over to Kochi for surgery. I saw him and got admitted at Lakeshore Hospital. At Hyderabad I was advised to have an artificial disc implant. I asked about the same to Dr. Sai. He said that it can be done but at an enormous cost. He suggested that he would do a simple procedure and that he would remove only the prolapsed disc material and that the disc need not be replaced. The simple and the confident way of Dr.Sai's approach endeared to me and to my family member. We agreed to his suggestion and accordingly he operated on me from the back of the neck. He removed only the prolapsed disc material and I was relieved off my symptoms immediately after surgery. I was shifted to my room directly from the operating room and made to walk the same day. Dr. Sai suggested that I can have some food after about 6 hours after surgery and I did the same. I was sent home the next day morning and it has been about 2 years since I had been operated and I have not had any problem. Dr. Sai is a very straight forward and a humble gentleman. His dedication and his concern for his patients is remarkable. He is always available for his patients and his presence gives a lot of comfort to the people around him. I wish him all the success.



Each day is a bonus. It is neither a right nor a natural consequence, unless the all powerful Almighty decides so. Things can go totally haywire in a matter of seconds, before you can think twice. We went through such an ordeal last year in February. Johnson (JMK) my husband was admitted in lakeshore Hospital because he had a myocardial infarction. An angioplasty was done immediately and the stent was implanted successfully. A second angioplasty was performed on the 10th and we were hoping that he would be discharged by the 12th. Unfortunately by midnight he developed a severe headache and weakness in his left arm and leg. S CT scan revealed that there was bleeding in the brain. Though I was thoroughly shaken and shattered, I kept a brave face, quite surprisingly, to all who knew us personally. We were called to the ICU and a panel of doctors explained the seriousness of the situation and the requirement of immediate brain surgery. The aspirin given after the angioplasties had had an adverse effect on Johnson and caused the bleeding in the brain. How could a life saving drug for millions cause such serious consequences in a few!. The Neurosurgeon explained very clearly and precisely shy the weakness had developed on his left arm and leg. It was because the bleeding had occurred on the right side of his brain. In hindsight, Johnson was lucky that the bleeding had developed on the right side. If it had been on the left it could have caused some serious long-term damages. We had no alternative but agree to the surgery at the earliest. We entrusted him in God's mighty hands. At that time I did not ask the name of the surgeon nor question his skills but believed God would take care of everything. I just trusted Him as a child trusts his father, without applying any logic or reason because I was constantly hearing from within to "Trust Me". After the surgery I was called inside to see Johnson. But to my utter dismay the surgeon was furious with me. While in surgery he had to attend innumerable phone calls from our doctor friends. He asked me not to disturb him and warned me that he would blast at such people id it was repeated. I had no answer except to apologize for our friends. He asked me not to disturb him and warned me that he would blast at such people if it was repeated. I had no answer except to apologize for our friends' actions. The doctor calmed sown and explained the medical condition to me and my family. It was then that I learned his name, Dr. Sai Sudarsan. Later on I realized the pressure the surgeon must have gone through. He was trying to save a life and at the same time address the concerns of doctors who called. Dr. Sai could successfully remove 60% of the clot, which was about 6cm in diameter, and the rest he hoped would drain out normally. He said they would do another scan on Monday to reconfirm. Dr. Sai was so reassuring and positive. He explained the medical situation so that even a layman could comprehend. We felt like God was using him as a very effective tool to protect my husband. I alsays preferred simple, straightforward communication instead of making the listener feeling confused and helpless. On Monday the Ct was repeated and we were called inside the surgical ICU. Dr. Sai asked us to sit down and explained how the bleeding hadn't stopped and the requirement for an emergency operation. The brain median had shifted to the right and the brain matter was compressed. I was speechless, all the energy and confidence drained out of me - my husband was going to be operated twice in the span of four days at the same spot in the brain! Tears welled inside my eyes, foreseeing the brain damage and I asked him what would be the consequences. I remembered how my sister was now completely bedridden after she had a brain stem hemorrhage six years ago. Dr. Sai was quick to answer and said, "brain stem hemorrhage is like cutting the stem/trunk of a tree, causing the tree to die or the stump to remain, but in the case of Johnson it is like a wound or a cut in one of the branches. His weakness of the left arm and leg may improve during the next few months, but be had to be operated at the earliest to save his life. "We had to give our consent for the second operation in ten minutes. I appreciated his openness and direct communication. Rather than beating around the bush he was very clear, not using medical terminologies that a layman couldn't understand. We were totally shaken but I said we would pray and get back to him about the second operation. Making a life of death decision was difficult and I desperately longed for my husband to make it for me, but I knew he could not utter a word or help me in any way: it had to he made by me alone. We prayed desperately and I heard the voice repeatedly saying again and again to "trust me". When Abi, a friend of mine, asked me what answer I got I said nothing specific but just "trust me". Yes that is more than sufficient: we only have to trust Him and let the doctors do what they can. While giving the consent for operation we assured Dr. Sai that we would wait outside but continuously pray for him and his team. He once again reassured us and said, "Yes ma' am your prayers will work." We were so thankful that the surgeon was depending on the mighty Doctor than on his technical and medical expertise. God did not give me enough time to think about the other options like airlifting him to avail of a better medical facility, or to work out options possible by human means. Rather He made me so desperate, weak and humble to lean on him than one the possibilities that man and money could buy. He wanted to bring my family so close to Him, depending on Him 100% first than on the facilities that He has bestowed upon us! I realized my faith was being strengthened by passing through this ordeal and that He would do no harm to my husband but he would be completely healed. A few hours after surgery. When I visited him in the surgical ICU I did not have any hope of him responding to me. But when I asked him to hold my hand he did so strongly assuring me that everything was fine. His left hand and leg was paralyzed, and I feared the worst - brain damage. I asked him whether he could talk, but he lifted his right hand and gestured that he wanted to write, I searched for a pen and paper but did not believe that he could write so left the ICU. But on second thought I went back in again and asked the nurse to give a pen and paper. Even after such a mighty miracle I disbelieved His mighty hands: if He could bring him back to life is it difficult for the Lord to make him write?! I went back to him and asked him to write by holding the paper on his chest. To my surprise, he bent his right leg to keep the paper conveniently to write! I was dumb founded to see him scribbling and didn't have the patience to read it as tears welled in my eyes. I ran out of the ICU and showed the paper to Mathew, out colleague and said, "JMK can write, but I can't read it." Mathew grabbed the paper from me and read out loud, "Please bring me a cup of tea from the vendor near the lift lobby." It was amazing! Just His amazing power and grace! We all laughed with tears in our eyes. I said, "He is perfectly fine, our Lord has performed a miracle!. Each visit to the doctors was inspiring and encouraging. Dr. Sai and Dr. Gireesh the physiotherapist, together chalked out his exercise plan after consulting with Dr. Cibi, the cardiologist. The keen and sincere interest they took to bring him back to normal life is commendable. Today Johnson can do almost everything a normal person can except for the slight weakness in his left arm and his memory is intact. More than anything else he can rake his brain to solve the various issues that he has in his official status, even after undergoing two brain surgeries in the same spot in the span of 5 days! Dr. Sai and Dr Sibi, I believe were also passing through difficult times in their lives shile treating my husband. I realized the amount of pressure they took to save his life shen both of them confirmed that our prayers performed the miracle and they were just tools in the mighty hands of the Master Surgeon!

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